Published On: Sat, Jul 26th, 2014

The US Red Line For The Islamic Caliphate

By Matar Matar | The Syrian Times | 26 Jul 2014



After the recent advances achieved by ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the Times reported on Friday, that Islamic State fighters have acquired anti-aircraft system capable of downing civilian airliners on 30,000 ft. This alarming development is the real red line for the United States and Europe, because the civilian aircrafts will be under the direct threat of IS fanatics. All what had happened so far (the advances of ISIS, declaration of Islamic State, the claims of IS capturing advance weapons including anti aircrafts and before that Chemical weapons, and recently exiling Christians from areas under control of IS) is leading towards a critical need for the US or NATO intervention in Syria and Iraq, but this time not to topple Sadam Hussien or Bashar Al-Assad, but to end this nightmare of so-called Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi the Caliph of Islamic State. Such a decision will be made after the IS fighters will shot down a civilian aircraft, which will trigger the world for imminent response. Do you remember 9/11 and the war on Afghanistan Taliban?? Do we expect the Caliph to cross the American Red Line soon??

If we go back to Aug 21st 2013, when the Chemical attack took place in Eastern Gouta near Damascus, the whole world was alarmed for a possible US strikes on Syria, which didn’t happen. The US-Russian deal about the Syrian chemical weapons was enough to abort the planned congress vote for legislating the US punitive strike against Assad.

The Syrian authorities agreed on dismantling the Syrian chemical weapon programs, which were estimated to 2000 tons. At that time, the CIA knew that the Syrian army is not the party to be accused of this attack but it could be planned and prepared by regional intelligence agency, Saudis are on the top of the list to be accused, to create the suitable atmosphere for legislating the US intervention against Assad after Obama has drawn the US red line back in Aug 2012, when he warned Assad from using chemical weapons.

Surprisingly; Obama didn’t fall in the Saudi trap, and that triggered a huge anger by Saudi monarchy led by the master of the foreign policy, Bandar Bin Sultan, who criticized the US publically for being naïve against Assad.

Apparently the IS leader doesn’t consider any international borders, and he is willing to remove them as they are against what was in times of Islamic Caliphate 1400 years ago. So far nobody knows till what extent Baghdadi is willing to expand his Caliphate?  

The European authorities feel the heat of the foreign fighters’ phenomenon, and some countries as Britain have taken advanced measures against British citizens who join Jihad in Syria, such as arresting them whenever they came back or even withdrawing their British citizenships. Now the real threat is not coming from those who are returning back to Europe, but from European and international flights over the Middle East are under the biggest threat.

Now if the times report turned out to be right, then the whole world will be panic, and will pressure on direct intervention in Iraq. Let’s summarize quickly the recent ISIS achievements on the Syrian and Iraqi Land:

1-    On Jan 3rd 2014 ISIS has captured Al-Anbar province in Iraq.

2-    On Jun 10th 2014, ISIS fighters have captured Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, and became the richest terrorist organization in the world after looting the banks of Mosul and controlling the oil fields of Mosul.

3-    ISIS now is controlling the main crossing between Syria and Iraq:

        – Al-Bukamal crossing (Syria-Iraq from the Syrian side): ISIS has captured this crossing after an agreement with Al-Nusra front on Jun 25th 2014, but then on June 30, ISIS had gained full control of the Bukamal city and border

        – Al-Qaim crossing ( Syria-Iraq from Iraqi side facing Al-Bukamal crossing): ISIS took control of  this crossing on Jun 20th 2014

4-    On Jul 3rd 2014; ISIS has seized control of  the biggest Syrian oil field near Dier Al-Zour, Al-Omar, which has a productivity of about 30,000 BPD, in addition to other oil fields in the area raising the total revenue to $ 50 m per month.

5-    On Jun 29th 2014; ISIS has declared itself an Islamic "caliphate" and called on factions worldwide to pledge their allegiance to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the Caliph. Al-Qaeda has disavowed ISIS because of its brutality against Muslims of the other battalions who are fighting Assad.

6-    On Jul 9th 2014; Islamic State (IS) has seized former chemical weapon stockpile in Iraq near Baghdad

7-    On Jul 19th 2014; IS has taken very offensive move against Christians of Mosul putting them in front 3 options either paying Jizya (Tribute or Tax), or leaving the land of Caliphate, or converting to Islam.

8-    On Jul 25th 2014, ISIS fighters have seized most of the Division 17th of the Syrian Army near Al-Raqa, after a very offensive battle, when the ISIS terrorist blown up himself in a car suicidal attack. Then terrorists beheaded the soldiers and spread their heads on AL-Naim square. The battle for the division 17 is still ongoing.

9-    On Jul 19th 2014, IS fighters have captured the Shaer gas field near Hama in Syria, and the sum death toll from both sides reached 700 in 2 days according to the Syrian observatory for human rights. Today the Syrian State TV has announced that the Syrian Arab Army forces have recaptured Al-Shaer field.

The US tolerance towards the terrorist Islamic State is reaching its limit, and only waiting for the IS to attack one of the US interests in Middle East: Gulf States, Turkey, Jordan, and even the US land itself.