Published On: Tue, Sep 2nd, 2014

Al-Nusra Extorting The UN: Remove Us From The Terrorist List We Release The Fijian Soldiers

Matar Matar | The Syrian Times | 2 Sep 2014

Fijian Army Commander Brigadier-General Moses Tikoitoga updated this morning the local media on the status of Fiji Peacekeepers who were kidnapped by Al-Nusra front in Syria on Aug 28th at the UNDOF base in Golan Heights. 

The UN has received the Nusra front demands for releasing the kidnapped 44 Fijian UN soldiers, and here are the three demands that Jabhat AL-Nusra asked the UN for:

1- To remove Al- Nusra front from the UN terrorist organizations list

2- To provide humanitarian aid for the besieged people in Gouta in suburbs of Damascus, which is mainly dominated by Al-Nusra front alongside with other rebel groups.

3- Compensation for Al-Nusra 3 death casualties during the attack on the UN base

The negotiations now are in hands of the UN organization with Qatar playing mediating role with Al-Nusra.

The attack on UNDOF took place on Aug 28th, when groups of the Syria rebels and Al-Nusra front attacked the UNDOF base. 40 Filipino soldiers could escape from the Syrian rebels but 44 Fijian soldiers were left captive in hands of Al-Nusra front.

Al-Nusra front was listed on the "UN list of indivisulas and entities supporting AL-Qaeda" on May 14th.

On Aug 27th 2014, a day before the attack on the UNDOF check point, Abu Firas Al-Souri, Al-Nusra spokesman, has condemned the UN for listing Al-Nusra on its black list for terrorist organizations.

On Aug 15th 2014, the UN updated the list of Al-Qaeda terrorist entities and individuals to include more members from Al-Nusra front, after it listed Al-Nusra emir Abu Mohammed Al-Goulani back on Jul 24th 2013. So once again, the most recent update of the list took place on Aug 26th 2014, and the video statement but Al-Souri was on Aug 27th, then the kidnapping of UN peacekeepers on Aug 28th.  So who are the people were added to the list that triggered  Al-Nusra front to retaliate from the UN organizatin? All new updates of Al-Nusra front were listed on Aug 15th 2014, but apparently these updates were not made official on the UN website till Aug 26th.

Here are the new memebers who were added to the list on Aug 15th:

1- Hajjaj Bin Fahad Al Ajami –Kuwaiti – DOB: 10 Aug 1987, Kuwait-based facilitator in charge of the committee of zakat, and financier for Al-Nusra

Hajjaj Al-Ajami(in the middle) with Riad Al-Assaad, the free Syrian army leader

2- Hamad Al-Ali – Kuwaiti – DOB 17 Nov 1960 – Kuwait-based facilitator, recruiter and financier for Al-Nusra and the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant.

Hamed Al-Ali (right)-Al-Jahni-Al-Sharikh- and Al-Ajami

3- Abdul Mouhsen AbdAllah Ibrahim Al-Sharikh- Saudi Arabia- DOB 13 Jul 1985 – long time facilitator and financier for Al-Qaeda, appointed as a regional leader for Al-Nusra.

Abd Mouhsen Al-Sharikh

4- Abdul Al-Rahman Mohammed Al-Jahni –Saudi Arabia – Passport number: F508591, considered regional leader of Al-Nusra and also recruiter for foreign fighter for Al-Nusra

Abdulrahman Al-Jahni

5- Said Arif – Algeria – DOB 25 Jun 1964, a veteran member of the ‘Chechen Network’ (not listed in the UN terrorist organization) and other terrorist groups. He was convicted of his role and membership in the ‘Chechen Network’ in France in 2006. Joined Jabhat al-Nusrah in October 2013. Arif was arrested in Syria in 2004 then he was handled to France, then he was put under the forced residence for 10 years, but he could escape on May 11th 2013 and left France. 

Said Aref under the forced residence in France




Note: this article will be updated soon to include further details of the the whole UN list.