Kidnapping in Syria

Posted By Admin On Saturday, July 19th, 2014 With 1 Comment
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  1. Mohan says:

    Actually, I really don’t see the scinerao happening at all. A successful Israeli-Syrian peace deal would rather fast-track an Israeli-Lebanese peace deal. Syria has more to lose if it signs a deal. They will lose control’ over Hezbollah which would mean that they lose significant control over Lebanon. Internally, the people would expect greater reforms at a faster pace no use of emergency law if you no longer have any threats and it is likely the government could lose control. No Israeli boggy monster no control. Syria needs to show that it is trying to work towards peace in order to alleviate international pressure. The Hariri Tribunal is almost ready to start and its no surprise that Syria had some hand in it they were in-charge of security in Lebanon at the time. Syria will likely use the peace process as a Get Out Of Jail Card .

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